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Wisdom Exalts God

Proverbs 16:1-3 (TPT) Go ahead and make all the plans you want, but it’s the Lord who will ultimately direct your steps. We are all in love with our own opinions, convinced they’re correct. But the Lord is in the midst of us, testing and probing our every motive. Before you do anything, put your trust totally in God and not in yourself. Then every plan you make will succeed.

How wonderful is that promise!? Every plan you make will succeed - by putting our total trust in God. We may make our plans but God will direct us. Have you ever gone somewhere far away or even just completely random and you run into someone you know or have a divine appointment with someone you will become connected with for years to come? Think of the detail God had in mind about you when He directed your steps to go a different way one day and it had an impact on your life forever.

Testing our motives - ouch, have you had a meeting with just you and Jesus lately? Has the Holy Spirit revealed some selfish motives that you believed were pure at heart and now you have to shed some of that pride? Maybe God has given you a gift of singing and you decide to join the worship team at your church, are you wanting to sing to really worship God and lead others into worship or is there a different motive behind the idea such as a desire to be center stage and receive attention from man rather than God?

I believe we can all go through times of battling pride as it's one of the enemy's greatest tricks! Whispering that you are the one who got you where you are and that God had nothing to do with it. Never mistake a natural gifting for something created on your own, even though you are the one putting in all the effort and hard work, God is the one sustaining you and gifting you with a certain talent for one reason: to bring Him glory!

How are you exalting God today? Asking Him for wisdom and praying every day to be guided by the Holy Spirit is a great beginning to exalting His name in all the earth! May we all be wise enough to humble ourselves before the Lord and ask for direction from Him rather than man.

Psalm 9:10 (NLT) Those who know your name trust in you, for you, O Lord, do not abandon those who search for you.


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