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uganda corn mill project: feeding generations

impacting lives today, saving generations of tomorrow

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the corn mill project

Bishop Silas of Eternal Church of God oversees more than 300 churches, 6 schools & 2 orphanages. One orphanage is just for children with HIV and over 160 are housed there. Bishop Silas has a great team that works diligently each day to serve and feed over 1,000 people 3 meals a day! To make this possible he uses his own land for farming. Once the crops grow they send corn to the mill factory and sadly, not all of their supply is returned. The cost of this process plus the loss of supply has given them a vision for their own production plant. This will ensure they keep everything they grow and continue feeding over 3,000 meals per day. It will also become an income source so they may continue providing medical care & helping more children in need.


The cost for the mill, delivery, set up, and a building to facilitate the production is roughly $60,000 USD. We feel the Lord commissioning Redemption Church to bridge the gap between the need and the cost. Praise God! Our fundraising goal was met at the beginning of May! The funds will do much more than pay for a machine, it's reaching out to the orphans and saving souls for the Kingdom of God! What a blessing this will be! Project completion is estimated to be summer of 2024. We will continue with additional projects in Uganda once this is complete. Prayerfully consider sowing into this great mission!

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