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The Exchange

Romans 1:24-25 (TPT) This is why God lifted off his restraining hand and let them have full expression of their sinful and shameful desires. They were given over to moral depravity, dishonoring their bodies by sexual perversion among themselves—all because they traded the truth of God for a lie. They worshiped and served the things God made rather than the God who made all things—glory and praises to him forever and ever! Amen!

I love the first chapter of Romans. Paul describes the power of the gospel then shares about God's wrath. He explains that the wickedness of humanity intentionally smothers God's Truth and stops people from acknowledging Him. However, God is known instinctively, so opposition to His Truth cannot be excused on the basis of sheer ignorance. Seeing the visible causes us to understand the invisible. Yet, people still choose to ignore God. They chose to reject Him and forget to honor Him. Due to their lack of gratitude they listened to corrupt thoughts from the enemy and it completely misguided their hearts. They foolishly traded the splendor of our immortal God to worship the fading image of humans, animals, birds and even creeping reptiles. - doesn't this blow your mind?!

That leads us to the above verses 24 and 25. Due to their willful sin, He removed His mighty hand from them and allowed them to continue living the lives they so desired. They worshiped and served things made by God rather than the Creator Himself. They simply exchanged the Truth of God for the lies of the devil.

This exchange was never meant to take place. Rather, we are to accept the great exchange that took place on the cross of Calvary. The cross of Christ gave us forgiveness, healing, salvation, deliverance, blessings, acceptance, new life, access to the Father, an abundant life, freedom, and so much more! This is why Jesus came - to set us free from the bondage of sin + death! We don’t have to live a life of struggles, poverty, sickness and defeat - Jesus conquered death, hell and the grave! His sacrifice was enough!

Beloved, don't accept the lies of the enemy. Fight back with the Word of God just like Jesus did when he was tempted by the devil. We have the greater One on the inside of us. Reach out and grab your deliverance + freedom! There's no reason to live defeated! Remove the lies from your thinking and retrain your brain to KNOW the TRUTH. You are a child of the Most High God!


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