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From Worry to Worship

There are seasons in our lives that the trials can be overwhelming. You wonder if you’ve been forgotten and left to fend for yourself. That can be a frightening place to be if your eyes and heart have become clouded by the circumstances and pain.

We all know to pray and seek God when pressure is placed on our lives. We must operate in faith and trust Him with the outcome... right? But what happens when the attacks are so violent and relentless that you can no longer see past them? I just want to share something that has helped me break through the wall of oppositions in my own life.

A few years ago, I was in the middle of a really dark season. I was driving in my car, crying out to God asking where He was in the midst of this. I prayed, just as I had prayed a hundred times before, begging Him to show up and move on my behalf, yet my prayers seemed to hit the ceiling and go no further. As I cried out, I suddenly switched gears and began to worship Him. It wasn’t words of appreciation for changed circumstances, because at that point I still felt broken and alone. As I began to offer Him a sacrifice of praise, my heart soon connected with my words and I realized just how blessed I was. Just knowing I have a God who knows, loves and really does desire to be actively involved in the details of my life began to overwhelm my spirit. I started to see how my own negative confessions and fear had stifled my faith and prevented the Lord from moving on my behalf. The more I worshipped, the more my focus changed from me and my needs, to Him and His. His desire was for me to admit that I couldn’t make it another day without His intervention. To give Him my problems, not with a heart of fear, but one of worship, trust and adoration. The more I worshipped, the freer I felt until it was no longer about me, but completely about Him and His will for my life. At that moment my car filled with His presence and He responded to my first question of, “Where are you God!?” He said, “I’m right here, I inhabit your praise!”

Sometimes it’s not so much about fixing the problems, but in changing our focus, heart, and actions. I’ll be honest with you, I can handle anything if I’m operating out of a place of peace and trust, but I can’t handle anything if my focus remains on the issues I’m dealing with. My flesh is easily overwhelmed and stress can consume my attention. As always, I remain desperate for His touch, grace, anointing and presence. We must realize we are nothing without Him, but there’s nothing we can’t achieve with Him. Since He inhabits the praises of His children, let’s remain focused on His goodness and offering our uninhibited worship to our Lord and Savior who’s deserving of it! Play worship music if you need, get into the Word and wash your mind of the pain and clutter, then simply share your heart and appreciation for what He’s done. Remember, He died, took your sins, paid the price and rose again so you could be free to have a relationship with Him and His Father. He sent you the precious Holy Spirit to comfort, strengthen, lead, counsel, teach, and empower you to do all that God calls you to do! Yeah... He’s worthy of your highest praise!

Psalm 22:3 (KJV) But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel.

Psalm 50:14 (TPT) Why don’t you bring me the sacrifices I desire? Bring me your true and sincere thanks, and show your gratitude by keeping your promises to me, the Most High.

Psalm 50:23 (TPT) The life that pleases me is a life lived in the gratitude of grace, always choosing to walk with me in what is right. This is the sacrifice I desire from you. If you do this, more of my salvation will unfold for you.”

Hebrews 13:15 (TPT) So we no longer offer up a steady stream of blood sacrifices, but through Jesus, we will offer up to God a steady stream of praise sacrifices—these are “the lambs” we offer from our lips that celebrate his name!

Philippians 4:13 (NKJV) I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


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