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Step into Your Calling

Psalm 119:137-144 (VOICE) You are good and just, O Eternal One, and Your rulings are right. You have set out Your decrees in justice, and they can be trusted. I am overwhelmed by my passion because my enemies have forgotten Your words. Your promise is tested and true; that’s why Your servant loves it. I may be insignificant to some and hated by others, but at least I do not forget Your precepts. Your righteousness will last forever, and Your law is truth. Trouble and distress have overtaken me, but Your commandments bring me great joy. Your decrees are right and true forever; grant me understanding so that I may live.

God is always good and just, His ways are always true and His path is always the best path. We can feel overwhelmed by the weight of the world and all of life's pressures. If we are trying to handle life without God, it IS overwhelming. We aren't meant to carry the weight of the world. It is not our responsibility to bear those burdens. It is our job to carry ourselves in the ways of the Lord. To carry means to support or move. We should be supporting God's decrees and moving our communities with the love of Jesus. How many people on your street do you know? How many are hurting and just looking for answers in all the wrong places? Are we truly reaching out? Are we treating our neighbors the way we want to be treated and loving on them? I love having opportunities to help out a neighbor. It blesses them and I am blessed to be a blessing. I also have times when I need help with something and a neighbor is there for me. How great it is to take care of each other - to share life with those God has put in our paths for a divine purpose!

God has strategically placed you in your workplace, your home, your church and your schools. There is someone around you that NEEDS you! Are you asking God to use you daily? It is the BEST feeling to know that you are walking in the absolute will of God. It can be frustrating to live a life of disappointments. I tell you that when you are being disappointed over and over by people, get down on your knees and give them to God! Ask God to fill you up with more of Him and empty you of you!

We can get so full of ourselves that God has no room. Get rid of those thoughts of insecurities and doubt and replace them with the truth of God's word. Speak life over yourself, speak healing over your life, speak encouragement to others. God did not send Jesus to die on a cross so you can live in self-pity and shame. Seek Him like you have never wanted anything else more in your life! Confront your sins and tell the enemy he is being evicted from your mind! Give all you have to Jesus and He will make you whole! He is the only one who can take all of our broken pieces and create a masterpiece. God will use you IF you allow Him to. Stop trying to do life on your own, your way will never accomplish the great things God has in store for YOU! Allow Him to grant you understanding so you may live your life with a purpose on purpose. Press in and press on in Jesus Name.

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