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In the Middle

Isaiah 29:5 (AMP) But the multitude of your enemies [that assault you] will become like fine dust, and the multitude of the tyrants like that chaff which blows away; and it will happen in an instant, suddenly [that your enemy is destroyed].

Are you feeling stuck in the middle of a situation that has gone on for far too long? Maybe it's an illness, a nagging pain, loss of steady income or even a child's poor behavior. If you are in the middle of something, how does your praise sound? Are you still praising Him for the good things?

We all have times (or very long seasons) that can be rather difficult and quite frankly, just unfair. But have you ever thanked God that He didn't judge us "fairly?" If God was "fair" then none of us would be going to heaven. It's not "fair" that Jesus died a sinner's death yet was sinless. It's not fair that he suffered so much pain and torture, but God is just and God is righteous. What He does is always right.

God doesn't love us all equally, (of course we are all His favorite, but) He loves us all uniquely! I have 3 great kids that all have different traits, gifts, talents and emotions. I love them all so so much, but it's a different love for each of them, it's unique! I can love them for different things, they all play a unique role in our family. I cannot discipline them all the same, if I take away video games from one who never plays them, there is no real discipline. What bothers one will not bother the other. God created us all unique - tailored to His desires and made in His image. God will do what is right for you even if you feel like the timing is not.

When we are stuck in the middle of something, we need to be praising Him and blessing Him and doing all we can to help someone else and be used by Him so He can release our blessing to us! No matter how bad your situation is, God has a SUDDENLY waiting for you! Suddenly, those that came against you will make things right; suddenly, when you are worshiping and praising Him, your healing will take place! Suddenly, when all hell has broken lose in your family, God will send an outpouring of His Spirit upon you and a new boldness will come upon you to pray and rebuke every demonic power that has come against you and the enemy will have to flee! God has a SUDDENLY for you, will you hang in there just a little longer and allow your praise to go forth? Will you keep on pressing in even when your circumstances aren't changing? Trust in Him and He will take are of you!

Acts 12:7 (AMP) Suddenly, an angel of the Lord appeared [beside him] and a light shone in the cell. The angel struck Peter's side and awakened him, saying, "Get up quickly!" And the chains fell off his hands.

Isaiah 48:3 (AMP) I have declared the former things [which happened to Israel] in times past; They went forth from My mouth and I proclaimed them; Suddenly I acted, and they came to pass.

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