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Cling to Jesus!

Deuteronomy 13:4 (TLB) You must never worship any God but Jehovah; obey his commands and cling to him.

Many of us love God with all of our heart and would never intentionally do something to hurt Him. We would never think to worship another god or idol, only Jesus. What we can do though, without meaning to, is create our own gods in our life by putting other things before Him. Our work can become a god to us, our spouse, our social media pages even. Whatever we place as a top priority above God will become an idol to us and although we aren't worshiping these things in words or praise, we are worshiping them with our time. I love that this translation says obey his commands and "cling" to Him!

When we cling to someone we cannot focus on another idol. I think of a little kid that clings to daddy's leg when they are afraid. They will not let go, they remain on their leg even as the parent begins to walk. They find security in clinging to their father and peace when daddy squats down and picks them up. We all desire to have peace and security in our lives, when we look for them in our finances or job or our spouse, we will come up short. We must cling to Jesus and obey His commands and our Heavenly Father will protect us. His love will give you a peace you never knew you had. He can give you wisdom and assurance about your future. Let's make it our priority today to keep Him first - before the cares of the world, before you start work, before you allow the smallest bit of frustration to ruin your day, give praise to Him and thanks to Him, for He is good always and His love for you will never change! Cling to Jesus!


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