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Do What is Right

1 Peter 2:15 (VOICE) You see, it is God's will that by doing what is right and good you should hush the gabbing ignorance of the foolish.

Have you even tried to have a conversation with someone who sounded like a fool? No matter what you say to them, they will not even bother trying to understand what you're saying because they are set on their opinion and they just want to argue. Maybe there's someone or a group of people who are telling lies about you and everything they say is completely absurd or so far from the truth that in the mind of wise man they sound like idiots but to the foolish they make a lot of sense.

It's like those who lack integrity and wisdom attract others who lack integrity and wisdom, and they like to be around each other because they are all foolish and when a wise person comes in to try to help and correct wrong thinking, they think you are nuts.

All I can say to this is do what you know is right and good, and your lifestyle, your results, your success and accomplishments will hush the gabbing ignorance of the fools. Don't waste your time trying to explain yourself to them, no matter what you say they won't believe you. What they can't refuse to believe though are the results you see in your life. When you begin to worship and honor God and put Him first and bless others and you continue to press on even through the tough times, when you begin to reap what you have been sowing for years and years, everyone will take notice and the fools will begin to keep quiet. The things you said you would do, the calling you know you have, the promises that God gave you are coming to pass and no devil in hell can stop what the Lord is doing for you! Keep serving God, not man.

2 Chronicles 15:7 (AMP) But as for you, be strong and do not lost courage, for there is reward for your work.

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