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If you struggle with finding motivation, you are not alone. The ways of our American culture are to work, work, work; busy, busy, busy. We fill our schedules to the max with no time for rest. After some time, this can cause a complete burn out. We lose our grit to get stuff done. Others maybe never had a busy schedule and have fallen into the trap of laziness and procrastination.

Many will complain about their circumstances and yet never do a single thing to change them. With everything in life, we must find a healthy balance. Doing nothing, will definitely get you nowhere - fast! Doing too much will catch up with you and you will spend many nights just worn out and feeling depressed or overwhelmed. God created us to work, to build His kingdom and also take a day of rest each week. We are not designed to lay around all day and watch TV or stare at our devices.

If you aren't happy with your life today, what are you currently doing to make a better tomorrow? If you don't even know where to begin, I challenge you to grab your bible and pray. Ask God to reveal what He wants to show you through the scriptures. Allow some quiet time in your day where you just wait upon Him. He will speak to you, keep pressing in and keep showing up. What are your dreams and vision for your future? Long term, short term, and what are you leaving behind for others? Begin to journal, write your dreams, no matter how far-fetched they may seem. God is a BIG God and He has unlimited resources. You have a heavenly Father that wants the absolute best for you, the only catch is, you must build your relationship with Him and live in obedience. When you mess up, repent. It's really that simple. Don't allow the enemy to steal one more day of your joy. The devil will lie to you every single day, but soon enough, the voice of God and the determination in you will silence anything he has to say because God's whisper will be louder than the lies of the enemy. The joy of the Lord is your strength, use it to your benefit.

Proverbs 6:6-11 (VOICE) Take a lesson from the ant, you who love leisure and ease. Observe how it works, and dare to be just as wise. It has no boss, no one laying down the law or telling it what to do, yet it gathers its food through summer and takes what it needs from the harvest. How long do you plan to lounge your life away, you lazy fool? Will you ever get out of bed? You say, “A little sleep, a little rest, a few more minutes, a nice little nap.” But soon poverty will be on top of you like a robber; need will assault you like a well-armed warrior.

Proverbs 15:19 (VOICE) Lazy people walk a path overgrown with thornbushes, but those with integrity travel a wide, level road.

Galatians 6:9-10 (VOICE) May we never tire of doing what is good and right before our Lord because in His season we shall bring in a great harvest if we can just persist. So seize any opportunity the Lord gives you to do good things and be a blessing to everyone, especially those within our faithful family.

Nehemiah 8:10 (AMP) And do not be worried, for the joy of the Lord is your strength and your stronghold.

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