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Consumed in Worship

Proverbs 9:7-10 (TPT) If you try to correct an arrogant cynic, expect an angry insult in return. And if you try to confront an evil man, don’t be surprised if all you get is a slap in the face! So don’t even bother to correct a mocker, for he’ll only hate you for it. But go ahead and correct the wise; they’ll love you even more. Teach a wise man what is right and he’ll grow even wiser. Instruct the lovers of God and they’ll learn even more. The starting point for acquiring wisdom is to be consumed with awe as you worship Jehovah-God. To receive the revelation of the Holy One, you must come to the one who has living-understanding.

“Discernment is not knowing the difference between right and wrong, it is knowing the difference between right and almost right.” - Charles Spurgeon

I think I could write a book on the above passage and quote. This is one of the toughest areas for many Christians: when to correct someone and how to love the sinner. Proverbs makes it pretty clear that when we correct an evil person they will only hate us back. The best approach to helping someone filled with anger and rage would be to love them, keeping our judgmental attitudes aside, we can offer a listening ear and show compassion. Someone who is filled with that much anger and pain has gone through some things that would likely devastate our hearts. Everyone has a story - have we taken time out to even listen? My favorite point in this scripture is how we acquire the wisdom to help others - it begins by being consumed with awe as we worship our Father. There are days when I can listen to a single worship song for hours and it's like I can't get the music loud enough - it's piercing my spirit with love and agreement and joy and I can't do enough to worship Him more.

To have a revelation of God you must come to Jesus. His word is full of wisdom and we have an all-access pass to God through Christ. We don't have to wait in line to see a pastor or wait around for a random epiphany. Jesus will meet you right where you are. As Christians we must encourage one another and love one another enough to speak Truth over them. To know the difference between right and almost right, the Word is our standard. That is the only standard we are to measure against. To instruct the lovers of God - this is my heart, that we may learn from one another as we continue our journey worshiping Jesus!

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