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That Brand-New Feeling

Isaiah 43:19 (TLB) For I’m going to do a brand-new thing. See, I have already begun! Don’t you see it? I will make a road through the wilderness of the world for my people to go home, and create rivers for them in the desert!

Do you know the feeling you get when you buy something new? It could be anything, a new outfit, a new pair of shoes, a new car, a new house, a new appliance, a new phone, anything that is new to you… how does it feel? Good, right? You want to show it off to your friends and have them ooh and ahh over it. You likely took a selfie with this new thing and shared it with your social media friends and followers. What happens after about a week or a month of having the new thing? That feeling isn't the same anymore. It's not as nice as it was when it was brand-new, it's been used and maybe worn down. The look isn't as shiny, the smell isn't as great. Some people can be so down and depressed that buying something new all the time is their escape because it gives them this temporary joy and happiness. It fills a void for a moment… then vanishes.. so it's back to the mall for more. God is so amazing and wonderful that when He does something brand-new, it is everlasting! When He pours out a fresh anointing, a new revelation, a new wave of His spirit, a new season of blessing, it doesn't fade the next day. He will make a way where there is no way. Man cannot stop what God is about to do. He breathes the stars! What can a mere man do to stop the Creator from accomplishing His desires - nothing! No power in hell will ever stop our Great God! This newness, this desire to have something to fill that void inside - is available to us all right now! If you feel dry, worn-out and weary, Jesus has invited you to come to the well - all those who thirst come and receive a drink of fresh living water. You will never be the same! Chains will break, freedom will overwhelm you, the goodness of God will consume you. Your thought life will completely change, what you once desired and found fun will no longer fulfill you. Only Jesus will completely fill that void in your life. You will desire to help others - die to self - completely! Watch what God will do through you as you yield your life to Him. Be so surrendered to Jesus that nothing else will matter. All of those things you have been worried about will go away. You will love people in a new way, you will see the hurting people that have been around you for years. You will desire to pray for changed hearts and open eyes and open ears to hear about this wonderful Savior! Allow God to do something brand-new in you today - pray and ask for forgiveness for not allowing Him to have full control of your life. His way is the absolute best way - He knows way more about us and our future than we could even dream of. Allow Him to fill you up with His presence and completely wreck you today because this brand-new thing - is eternal. May Jesus fill your heart with compassion and your mind with a revelation of who He is!

Lamentations 3:22-23 (NLT) The faithful love of the Lord never ends! His mercies never cease. Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning.

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