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My Deliverer

Psalm 16:8 (TPT) Because you are close to me and always available, my confidence will never be shaken, for I experience your wrap-around presence every moment.

Isn't that such a comforting verse? I re-read it over and over and think about the goodness of God. No matter what I am going through, no matter what fear the enemy tries to instill in me, no matter what lies have been spoken over me, Jesus is the name above every name - all day - every day. God is near me, so near that when I stop and focus on Him alone, I experience His presence and I am reminded of His great love for me.

I'm reminded of the verses from Reckless Love: "There's no shadow You won't light up, mountain You won't climb up, coming after me; no wall You won't kick down, lie You won't tear down, coming after me." God sees you as the apple of His eye and when someone wrongs you it does not go unseen. He will do anything to get your attention and keep you from harm - are you listening, are you watching? There have been moments in my life where I was so down and deeply depressed that I was praying for God to just come and get me - put me on the next train to Jesus because this place and these people are making me lose my mind! But God! He wouldn't allow me to stay in that dark place - He would comfort me in my darkest hour and pull me up out of the pit. No matter what we go through friends, remember we can't stay there. We have a breakthrough and a victory on the other side. Are you choosing to stay in your pit or are you allowing God to mold you and bring you up to the palace? Keep pushing through those labor pains, God is about to deliver!

Psalm 32:7 (AMP) You are my hiding place; You, Lord, protect me from trouble; You surround me with songs and shouts of deliverance.

Psalm 34:4 (AMP) I sought the Lord [on the authority of His word], and He answered me,

And delivered me from all my fears.

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